Pompeii Regio VI (6) Insula 2.

Plan of entrances 1 to 32.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 2 of Pompeii Regio VI to access the photographs. 

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VI.2.1              VI.2.2             VI.2.3             VI.2.4

VI.2.5              VI.2.6             VI.2.7             VI.2.8              VI.2.9

VI.2.10            VI.2.11           VI.2.12            VI.2.13            VI.2.14

VI.2.15            VI.2.16           VI.2.17            VI.2.18            VI.2.19           

VI.2.20            VI.2.21           VI.2.22            VI.2.23            VI.2.24

VI.2.25            VI.2.26           VI.2.27            VI.2.28            VI.2.29

VI.2.30            VI.2.31           VI.2.32


Casa delle Amazzoni - Casa delle Amazzoni or House of the Amazons

                                     or Casa d'Iside e di Osiride at VI.2.14

Casa d’Iside             - Casa d’Iside at VI.2.17

Casa del Narciso       - Casa del Narciso entrance at VI.2.16

Casa del Narciso       - Casa del Narciso rear entrance at VI.2.21

Casa di Narcisso       - Casa di Narcisso or Casa di Cosii at VI.2.24

Casa di Apollo          - Casa di Apollo or House of M. Pupius or Casa delle Danzatrici

Casa di Sallustio       - Casa di Sallustio or House of Sallust or Domus A. Cossius Libanus

                                       Main entrance at VI.2.4   Entrance at VI.2.30    Entrance at VI.2.31