Tombs outside Pompeii walls and in the suburbs.

hg%20main tombs%20stabg Tombs%20VG Tombs%20NG Tombs%20Nocera Tombs%20FP tombs%20pspn tombs%20fondsant tombs%20fondazz Tomba%20cabina%20ENEL Tomb%20Fondo%20Prisco Tomb%20Fondo%20Prelatura Tomb%20Fondo%20Squillante tombs%20porta%20sarno Tombs plan

Plan after Stefani 1998, updated for later finds.

See Pompei Oltre la vita, SAP Exhibition, 1998, p. 90.

Use this plan to view information and pictures of tombs located outside the Pompeii city walls.

Click on the plan or the links below for the information and pictures of those tombs.

Note: The research by Alison Emmerson, 2010, suggests slightly differing locations for some tombs around Porta Stabia. See Necropoli di Porta Stabia page.

Unfortunately we do not have pictures for locations B and F at present.

1= Necropoli di Porta Ercolano                      

- Herculaneum Gate Tombs on the Via dei Sepolcri

2= Necropoli di Porta Stabia                       

- Stabian Gate Tombs

2= Necropoli vicino Porta Marina scavate 1754-7 

- Porta Marina Tombs excavated by Weber 1754-1757

3= Necropoli di Porta Vesuvio                       

- Vesuvian Gate Tombs

4= Necropoli di Porta Nola                           

- Nola Gate Tombs

5= Necropoli di Porta Nocera                        

- Nocera Gate Tombs on the Via delle Tombe

6= Necropoli di Fondo Pacifico                      

- Fondo Pacifico Tombs

7= Cremations between Porta di Sarno and Porta di Nola                                             

- Cremations and inscriptions on walls between Sarno Gate and Nola Gate

8= Necropoli di Porta di Sarno                       

- Sarno Gate Tombs

A= Tombe del Fondo Santilli                          

- Fondo Santilli Necropolis (200m from Porta Stabia)

B= Tombe presso la Strada Regia

- No photographs

C= Tombe del Fondo Squillante                      

- Tomb at Fondo Squillante

D= Necropoli del Fondo Azzolini                    

- Fondo Azzolini Necropolis (500m from Porta Stabia towards Porta Nocera)

E= Tombe del Fondo Prelatura                       

- Tomb at Fondo Prelatura

F=  Tombe in località Cimitero

- No photographs

G= Monumento Funerario del Fondo Prisco     

- Tomb at Fondo Prisco

H= Tomba degli Ancarsuleni, Tomba nei pressi cabina ENEL,                  

- Tomb of Publius Ancarsulenus Philadelphus and Ancarsulena Eleutheris


See Stefani, G., 1998. Pompei oltre la vita: Nuove testimonianze dalle necropoli, p. 90ff.