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Ubonius (Officina tintoria di)  VII.2.11
Ubonius (Officina offectoria di)  IX.3.2
Ululitremulus (House & fullonica of Fabius)  IX.13.4/5/6
Umbricius Scaurus I (House of)  VII.16.15
Umbricius Scaurus I (House of)  VII.16.16
Umbricius Scaurus II (House of)  VII.16.12
Umbricius Scaurus II (House of)  VII.16.13
Umbricius Scaurus II (House of)  VII.16.14
Unknown Matron (House of)  VI.15.14
Urbanae Matri Chryseros  Fondazz T81
Urbani Offectoris  IX.3.2

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