Pompeii plan showing Street Altars and Street Shrines.

Pianta di Pompei che mostra altari stradali e santuari stradali

Pompeji-Plan mit Straßenaltären und Straßenschreinen

Altar I.1.10 Altar I.6.12 Altar I.11.1 Altar I.11.7 Altar I.12.5 Altar I.13.10 Altar I.14.4 Altar I.14.8 Altar I.25 Altar II.2.1 Altar II.4.7a Altar III.10.6 Altar at IV.4.g Altar V.3.1 Altar V.8 Lararium painted on wall next to V.6.19 Altar VI.1.13 Altar VI.1.19 Altar VI.8.14 Altar VI.14.17 Altar between VI.7.26 and VI.9.1 at north end of Via di Mercurio Altar VII.1.42 Altar VII.3.33 Altar VII.7.22 Altar VII.8 outside north wall of Forum Altar VII.9.4 Altar VII.9.42 Altar VII.14.14 Lararium painted on wall of VII.11.13 Altar VIII.2.11 Altar VIII.2.25 Altar VIII.4.24 Altar IX.2.1 Altar IX.14.1 Altar IX.2.19 Altar IX.2.12 Altar IX.4.14 Altar IX.8.1 Altar IX.11.1 Altar IX.12.7 Painted Lararium to twelve gods at VIII.3.11 Niche at Pompeii Stabian Gate Altar II.8.6 Altar I.16.4 Altar VI.4.1 Altar at Pompeii Porta Marina Altar I.5.1 Altar I.3.29 Altar I.10.1 Altar VIII.3.17 Altar VI.12.6 Altar at VII.4.16 Altar IX.8.8 Altar on east side of Vicolo dell'Efebo on west wall of I.8 Altar at junction of Via Pomeriale and Via dei Sepolcri Altar IX.7.20 Altar VI.8.24 Two altars at Vesuvian Gate Pompeii plan showing Street Altars and Street Shrines

Pompeiiinpictures plan of street altars or street shrines in Pompeii. 

Each altar has a specific page on our site with information and photographs.

If your screen is large enough (more than 853px wide) press the altar you want on the plan to see the pictures.

If you are on a smaller screen such as a phone or tablet you can use the links below to see the pictures.


Regio I:

I.1.10      I.3.29      I.5.1       I.6.12


I.8.1       I.10.1      I.11.1      I.11.7


I.12.5     I.13.10     I.14.4     I.14.8


I.16.4      Altar at I.25 NW Tip


Regio II:

II.2.1      II.4.7a      II.8.6


Regio III:   III.10.6


Regio IV:   IV.4.g


Regio V:     V.3.1     V.6.19      V.8 (Excavated 2018-9)


Regio VI:

VI.1.13      VI.1.19      VI.7.26     VI.4.1


VI.8.14      VI.8.24      VI.12.6     VI.14.17


Regio VII:    

VII.1.42    VII.3.33     VII.4.16    VII.7.22


Altars inside and outside NW corner of Forum


VII.9.4     VII.9.42      VII.11.13     VII.14.14


Altar at Porta Marina


Regio VIII:  

VIII.2.11      VIII.2.25       VIII.3.11


VIII.3.17       VIII.4.24


Regio IX:

IX.2.1       IX.2.12     IX.2.19      IX.4.14


IX.7.20     IX.8.1       IX.8.8        IX.11.1 


IX.12.7     IX.14.1  


Niche at Stabian Gate



Altar blocking north end of Via di Mercurio


Altar at junction of Via Pomeriale and Via dei Sepolcri


Two altars at Vesuvian Gate



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