VI.14.20 Pompeii. Casa di Orfeo or House of Orpheus or the House of Vesonius Primus.

Room Plan.

The room numbers are those referred to on the pompeiiinpictures pages for VI.14.20. 

This plan is to help you accurately locate the rooms shown in the photographs of this house. 

The plan also shows the link to VI.14.18 and VI.14.19.


1: Atrium and entrance

2: Cubiculum

3: Ala on south side

4: Tablinum

5: Corridor

6: Ala on north side

7: Room on north side of atrium

8: Room in north-east corner of atrium

9: First room to right of entrance

10: Triclinium

11: Narrow room in north east corner of garden

12: Small room on south side of room 4

13: Room on west side of garden

14: Room with steps to upper floor

15: Triclinium

16: West portico

17: Room in north-west corner of garden

18: Garden with Orpheus painting and north portico

North portico

Orpheus painting

West portico


Please be aware that the room numbers shown reflect the sequence in which we photographed the rooms and will differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished.