VII.16.3 Pompeii. House of Aemilius Crescens.

Linked to VII.16.4. Excavated 1846, 1872, bombed in 1943, restored in 1950.


VII.16.3 Workshop/dwelling. 
House of Aemilius Crescens.  
Linked to VII.16.4.

VII.16.3 Pompeii. December 2004. Looking north through entrance doorway towards atrium.

The doorway on the right, in the east wall of the entrance corridor, leads into VII.16.4.

According to Garcia y Garcia, the atrium and four rooms surrounding it were completely destroyed.

This meant the loss of all the plaster decoration from the walls.

It was partially restored in 1950.

See Garcia y Garcia, L., 2006. Danni di guerra a Pompei. Rome: L’Erma di Bretschneider. (p.131, and figs.308-9)

According to Varone and Stefani, on the left of the entrance doorway between VII.16.2 and 3, two painted inscriptions were found.

They have been detached from the wall, and are now stored in Naples Archaeological Museum, inventory number 4669.

They were CIL IV 659 and CIL IV 660.

See Varone, A. and Stefani, G., 2009. Titulorum Pictorum Pompeianorum, Rome: L’erma di Bretschneider, (p.361 and photos)


According to Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss/Slaby (See www.manfredclauss.de), they read –


Aemilius Cissonio fratrabiliter sal(utem) [CIL IV 659]


P() P() P() A() V() C() F()

M() E() S() Q() M()

Suilimea                                [CIL IV 660]









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