VI.15.1 Pompeii. House of the Vettii or Casa dei Vettii or Domus Vettiorum.


VI.15.1 Room of the Cupids    Click Here VI.15.1 Service Area, Lararium and bedroom    Click Here VI.15.1 Entrance, Vestibule and Atrium    Click Here VI.15.27 Entrance and Stables    Click Here VI.15.1 N E Exedra    Click Here VI.15.1 S E Exedra    Click Here VI.15.1 Peristyle and Viridarium    Click Here

Use this pompeiiinpictures plan to access the photographs of the Casa dei Vettii. 

Click on one of the coloured areas on the plan or one of the links below to see the photographs for that area of the Casa dei Vettii.


VI.15.1 House of the Vettii or Casa di Vettii areas

Entrance and atrium                                            Entrance, vestibule and atrium

Room of the Cupids                                              Room of the Cupids

North-east  exedra                                               Exedra North-East

South-east  exedra                                               Exedra South-East

Peristyle, viridarium and gynaeceum                  Peristyle, Viridarium and Gynaeceum

Service area with lararium and bedroom            Service Area, Lararium and Bedroom

Entrance and stables at VI.15.27                         VI.15.27 Entrance and Stables