Pompeii Fountain I.4.15 Pompeii Fountain I.5.2 Pompeii Fountain I.9.1 Pompeii Fountain I.10.1 Pompeii Fountain I.12.2 Pompeii Fountain I.13.10 Pompeii Fountain I.16.4 Pompeii Fountain II.1.2 Pompeii Fountain II.3.5 Pompeii Fountain III.11.f Pompeii Fountain VI.1.19 Pompeii Fountain VI.3.20 Pompeii Fountain VI.8.24 Pompeii Fountain VI.10.10 Pompeii Fountain VI.13.07 Pompeii Fountain VI.13.17 Pompeii Fountain VI.14.17 Pompeii Fountain VI.16.3 Pompeii Fountain VI.15 and VI.16 Pompeii Fountain VI.16.19 Pompeii Fountain VI.16.28 Pompeii Fountain VII.1.32 Pompeii Fountain VII.4.32 Pompeii Fountain VII.7.26 Pompeii Fountain VII.9.67 Pompeii Fountain VII.11.5 Pompeii Fountain VII.14.13 Pompeii Fountain VII.15.1 Pompeii Fountain VII.15.12 Pompeii Fountain VII.5.8 Pompeii Fountain VIII.2.11 Pompeii Fountain VIII.2.20 Pompeii Fountain VIII.2.29 Pompeii Fountain VIII.7.1 Pompeii Fountain VIII.7.25 Pompeii Fountain VIII.7.30 Pompeii Fountain IX.7.17 Pompeii Fountain IX.8.1 Pompeii Fountain IX.10.2 Pompeii Fountain IX.11.1 Pompeii Fountain VI.1.2 Pompeii Fountain in Arch at NE corner of Forum Pompeii Fountain inside Triangular Forum Pompeii Fountain in North West corner of Gladiators Barracks? Pompeii Fountain at VI.17.27. Possible site of fountain with relief of the god Vertumnus or Bacchus, no longer there Pompeii Fountain V.1.3 Pompei V.8/V.3. Torre d’acqua, pozzo-cisterna, fontana. Pompeii V.8/V.3. Water tower, well/cistern and fountain. Excavated 2018-9

Pompeii fountains, water towers and features

Fontane di Pompei, torri d'acqua e oggetti d'acqua

Pompeji-Brunnen, Wassertürme und Wassergegenstände

Pompeii fountains, water towers and features

Pompeiiinpictures plan showing the locations of fountains. 

Each fountain has a specific page on our site with information and photographs.

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Regio I:

I.4.15         Fountain with comedy mask and water column. Outside I.4.15 on Via Stabiana.

I.5.2           Fountain with relief of “patera” or plate. Outside I.5.2

I.9.1           Fountain with relief of “patera” or plate. Outside I.9.1 on Via dell’Abbondanza

I.10.1         Fountain with relief of “patera” or plate. Outside I.10.1

I.12.2         Fountain with relief of Satyr on rock-fountain or water source. Outside I.12.2 on Via dell’Abbondanza.

I.13.10       Fountain with head of Juno or a nymph, with diadem. Outside I.13.10, at junction of Via di Nocera and Via di Castricio

I.16.4         Fountain with relief of “patera” or plate. Outside I.16.4

Regio II:   

II.1.2         Fountain with relief of head of bull or ox. Between II.1.2 and II.1.3 on Via dell’ Abbondanza

II.3.5         Fountain with a mask with clusters of grapes for earrings? A representation of Vertumnus or Bacchus? Outside II.3.5

Regio III:  

III.11.1       Fountain with basin and fragment of rear pilaster, outside III.11.1 on corner of Via di Nola and unnamed vicolo

Regio IV:  


Regio V:    

V.1.3          Fountain with relief of “patera” or plate. Outside V.1.3

V.3/V.8       Torre d’acqua, pozzo-cisterna, fontana con rilievo a forma di mezzaluna. Water tower, well/cistern and fountain with crescent shaped relief. Excavated 2018 at crossroads of Via delle nozze d'Argento and Vicolo dei Balconi

Regio VI:        

VI.1.2         Non-existent fountain at VI.1.2 artistically transposed in a 1910 painting

VI.1.19       Fountain with relief of Silenus? At VI.1.19

VI.3.20       Fountain with relief of an eagle holding a hare. Outside VI.3.20

VI.8.24       Fountain with relief of Mercury. Outside VI.8.24

VI.10.10     Fountains removed from base of Arch of Caligula on Via Mercurio. At VI.10.10

VI.13.7       Fountain with relief of head of bull or ox. Outside VI.13.7

VI.13.17     Fountain without a relief. Outside VI.13.17

VI.14.17     Fountain with relief of Silenus as fountain-god resting on a wineskin. Outside VI.14.17

Cast Aquae Castellum Aquae, water tower at Porta Vesuvio.

VI.16.3       Fountain with relief of head of panther. Between VI.16.3 and VI.16.4

VI.16.19     Fountain relief of flask with straps. At VI.16.19

VI.16.28     Fountain with relief of Oceanus or of a lion-griffin. On Vicolo dei Vettii outside VI.16.28

VI.17.27     Possible site of fountain with relief of the god Vertumnus or Bacchus. Outside VI.17.27

Regio VII:

VII.1.32      Fountain with relief of Venus with dove on her right shoulder. Outside VII.1.32 and VII.1.33

VII.4.32      Marble fountain with semi-circular basin. Outside VII.4.32 on Via degli Augustali

VII.5.8        Water Tower. Outside VII.5.8, the women’s entrance to the Forum Baths

VII.7.26      Fountain with relief of head of dog. Outside north wall of Forum, next to entrance VII.7.26

VII.9.67      Fountain with relief of Fortuna or Abbondanza with cornucopia. Outside VII.9.67 and VII.9.68

VII.11.5      Fountain with relief of tragic mask. Outside VII.11.5 on Vicolo della Maschera

VII.14.13    Fountain with relief of head with helmet, possibly Minerva. Outside VII.14.13 and VII.14.14

VII.15.1      Fountain with relief of a cockerel. In Vicolo del Gallo between VII.15.1 and VII.7.13

VII.15.12    Fountain pillar, with heavily eroded lion head relief? Between VII.15.12 and VII.15.13

Forum arch  Fountain with fluted columns and niches in arch at north-east corner of Forum

Regio VIII:

VIII.2.11     Fountain with relief of head of gorgon. Outside VIII.2.11 on Via delle Scuole

VIII.2.20     Fountain with relief of patera, or plate. At VIII.2.20

VIII.2.29     Fountain with relief of bull or ox. At VIII.2.29

VIII.7.1       Fountain with relief, possibly of a river god. Fountain and drain near Stabian Gate and VIII.7.1

VIII.7.25     Fountain possibly with relief of a patera or plate. Outside VIII.7.25, Temple of Aesculapius or Temple of Zeus Meilichios

VIII.7.30     Fountain with relief of medallion with Triton. Outside VIII.7.30 Triangular Forum on Via del Tempio d’Iside

Triangular    Fountain with fluted column support and wide basin or labrum. In VIII.7.30 Triangular Forum

Gladiators    Rectangular marble fountain with four lions’ heads at top. On north-west side of Gladiators Barracks?

Regio IX:

IX.7.17       Fountain with relief of bull’s head. Outside IX.7.17

IX.8.1         Fountain with relief of flower rosette. At IX.8.1

IX.10.2       Fountain with relief of patera or plate. Outside IX.10.2

IX.11.1       Fountain with relief of patera or plate. Outside IX.11.1


Aqueduct and Water supply

See Wilke D. Schram's site www.romanaqueducts.info for the remains of the aqueduct and water supply system of Pompeii and its distibution layout.



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